Read what SOLET First Aid Training clients have to say...

"Ken's real life experience and knowledge has been beneficial in having an engaged session.  He is one of the best trainers I have seen, and I appreciated the shared experiences" Tony H - HSE Advisor

"Awesome, love your training. You present an excellent environment for learning and relaxing information" Jan S - Child Care Manager

"Larraine was wonderful - very clear and she delivered the course excellently"  Nicole B - Child Care Educator

"Ken's expertise and knowledge gave me a high level of confidence to complete the course" Andrew G - Air Surveillance

"Ken is a clear and concise instructor, very happy with the level of training today" Benjamin T - Defence CETECH

"Ken's training is always informative and enjoyable.  His practical advice and approach is wonderful.  Thanks Ken and Larraine"  Julie - Child Care Co-ordinator

"Even though staff skill and qualification mix was varied in each session, Ken was always well able to bridge the differences within the class room. This met our needs as it would have been impossible to take only one category or skill level of staff out of the workplace at one time" Viv A CEO, Aged Care Facility

"Ken delivered a really comprehnsive course that was practical and easy to understand.  I would recommend Ken to any future clients" Daniel - Building and Construction Industry

"Extremely helpful & very easy to understand. Fantastic trainer." Lynette L - AIN

"Ken was very knowledgeable and able to teach the course and it's content with high competency.  Able to introduce humour and keep those being trained interested and attentive" Colin R,  Manager - Construction Company.

"Very well presented and understood everything.  Most relevant first aid training that I have had. Well done" -  Gavin J - Vehicle Builder

"Larraine is an excellent presenter. This is the 2nd time I have had the pleasure of her knowledge.  She really makes First Aid interesting and non-threatening.  I recommend SOLET and would go to no other service provider for first aid training" Julie A - Assistant Manager Day Care Services

"It was very helpful to have it explained "why" some conditions occur and not just how to treat the condition. This allowed me to understand the treatment and therefore remember what to do in that situation, Thanks" Kylie K - Childcare Educator

"The most interesting, practically applicable First Aid Course I have attended. Clinical examples assisted learning" Belinda H - Occupational Therapist/Teacher

"Thorough and explains material very well. Thanks Ken great job! A great wealth of knowledge you have" Thibaut H - Disability Support Worker

"Larraine was amazing as a trainer - very knowledgable and informative"  Linda T - Child Care Educator

"Best First Aid course I've ever done!! Ken was very easy and interesting to listen to and made learning enjoyable" Jodie M - Child Care Educator

"Excellent training provided as usual; very informative with class participation and discussion encouraged. Top marks Ken" Pam B - Manager Security Services